Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention Council

The Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention Council was created through the attorney general’s regulatory authority under Kansas law to advise and make recommendations to the Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Unit, which works with the Kansas Department for Children and Families, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, law enforcement and prosecutors statewide to help prevent and prosecute crimes against vulnerable adults across Kansas.

The council’s duties include establishing working groups on specific topics, developing local or regional multi-disciplinary teams to assist local authorities in investigating abuse and neglect, as well as coordinating and engaging in education and outreach activities including creating a publicly available clearinghouse of information on elder and dependent adult abuse prevention.

Council Members

  • Stacy Edwards, Chair

    First Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division - Economic Crimes
  • Dawne Altis

    Assistant Commissioner for SCC, KDADS
  • Dr. Stephen Benson

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Barbara Conant

    Public Policy Coordinator, Kansas Advocates for Better Care
  • Glenda DuBoise

    State Direct, Kansas AARP
  • Kathy Greenlee

    Former Assistant Secretary for Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Chrisy Khatib

    Deputy Director of Prevention and Protection Services, DCF
  • George McCrary

    Public Outreach Coordinator, Public Protection Division
  • Fran Oleen

    Deputy Attorney General, Public Protection Division
  • Tina Robinson

    Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator, Criminal Division - Economic Crimes
  • Camille Russell

    State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
  • Robert Short

    Office of the Sedgwick County District Attorney, Chief Assistant District Attorney
  • Jerry Smith

    Director of the Bureau of Community Health Systems, KDHE
  • Kathy Taylor

    Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Kansas Bankers Association
  • Jackie Williams

    First Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division - Medicaid Fraud; Director, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
  • Jacklyn Zickel

    Detective, Overland Park Police Department 

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