Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

The Attorney General’s Office works to protect Kansas citizens and the Kansas Medicaid program by identifying, investigating and prosecuting Medicaid provider fraud, as well as physical abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of dependent adults in residential care facilities and board and care facilities that receive Medicaid funding. The Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Division has statewide jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute allegations involving these areas of fraud and abuse. The Division also handles civil cases, most of which fall within the Kansas False Claims Act, K. S. A. Supp. 75-7501, et seq.

The Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Division serves as the state’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1396b(q) and 42 CFR  Part  1007.

A top priority of Attorney General Kobach and the Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Division is the protection from crime of one of the most vulnerable groups of our population – the elderly and disabled. Allegations of crimes committed against the elderly and disabled include the theft of narcotics from nursing homes and physical abuse, such as sexual assaults of dependent adults. In addition to a commitment to investigate and prosecute allegations, we seek opportunities to provide presentations to groups that are also charged with protecting the elderly.

To report suspected cases of Medicaid fraud or abuse, please call 
1-866-551-6328 or (785) 368-6220
or click here to use our online reporting form.

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2022 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.49 MB01 Aug, 2022 Download
2021 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF5.68 MB30 Jul, 2021 Download
2020 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.40 MB31 Jul, 2020 Download
2019 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.44 MB01 Aug, 2019 Download
2018 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.23 MB01 Aug, 2018 Download


Medicaid Fraud and Abuse
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