Charitable Organization Investigation Request

Thank you for filing an Investigate Request. Please fill out as much information below as possible to assist in our investigative process.

Once your request is received, it will be processed by our office and reviewed by attorneys to determine how we can assist you. A case number and investigator will be assigned. The investigator will contact you and provided with your case number in approximately 2 weeks from receiving your complaint. Also, please be aware that the organization you are filing against will be contacted and given a chance to respond. Normal initial processing time is between 2-3 weeks, but an investigation could take several months. If you need assistance sooner, you may want to contact a private attorney.

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Information about the incident

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Was your donation made through a third-party solicitor or professional fundraiser?

If yes, was the name, address and telephone number of the charitable organization disclosed?

Was the registration number for the charitable organization disclosed?

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Were you provided with any information about the charity that was false, a misrepresentation or in any other way deceptive?

Was your donation used for a purpose consistent with the information you were provided during the solicitation?

Information for current or former employees or volunteers

Please note that any information provided may e reviewed by the organization or become subject to public disclosure.

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SECURITY NOTICE: The documents you attach are being sent over the internet. Please DO NOT attach any documents that contain the following:
  • Social security numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Passwords
  • Sensitive or identifying information that could be used to compromise or steal your identity, or
  • Other information that may violate your privacy.
Please be sure to tell us about all of the documents that may support your allegations in the sections above.

If we need additional information from you, we will:
  • Contact you directly
  • Tell you what documents we need, and
  • Arrange for you to provide it to us in a more secure manner.
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