State Child Death Review Board

The State Child Death Review Board examines trends and patterns that identify risk factors in the deaths of children, from birth through 17 years of age.

The State Child Death Review Board has developed the following three goals to direct its work:

  • To describe trends and patterns of child deaths, identifying risk factors in the population;
  • To improve inter-agency communication so recommendations can be made regarding recording of actual cause of death, investigation of suspicious deaths, and system responses to child deaths;
  • To develop prevention strategies including community education and mobilization, professional training, and changes in legislation, public policy and/or agency practices.

State Child Death Review Board Members:

Attorney General appointee

Melissa Johnson, J.D., Chairperson
Assistant Attorney General, Topeka

Director of Kansas Bureau of Investigation appointee

Tony Weingartner, Assistant Director
Kansas Bureau of Investigation,Topeka

Secretary for Children and Families appointee

Susan Gile
Kansas Department for Children and Families, Topeka

Secretary of Health and Environment appointee

Elizabeth W. Saadi, Ph.D
Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Topeka

Commissioner of Education appointee

Aarion L. Gray
Principal, Randolph Elementary School, Topeka

State Board of Healing Arts appointees

Erik K. Mitchell, M.D. (Pathologist member)
Deputy Coroner, Kansas City

Katherine J. Melhorn, M.D.  (Pediatrician member)
Department of Pediatrics, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita

Jamie Oeberst, M.D.
Deputy Coroner, Wichita

Attorney General appointee to represent advocacy groups

Mary A. McDonald, J.D.
McDonald Law LLC, Wichita

Kansas County and District Attorneys Association appointee

CJ Rieg, J.D.
Douglas County District Attorney’s Office, Lawrence

To ensure a coordinated response that fully addresses all systemic concerns surrounding child fatality cases, the Kansas Legislature gave the SCDRB authority to obtain all records concerning each child. K.S.A. 22a-244(b) provides that the Board shall have access to certain records concerning the child. All records provided to the Board remain confidential.

Statutes and Regulations


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Autopsy Billing FormPDF253.75 KB30 Dec, 2014 Download
Autopsy GuidlinesPDF190.72 KB15 Nov, 2013 Download
Coroner Report FormPDF50.35 KB19 Jan, 2018 Download
Law Enforcement Summary FormPDF103.01 KB23 Mar, 2016 Download
Report of Death FormPDF276.64 KB30 Dec, 2014 Download
Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation FormPDF186.87 KB21 Oct, 2011 Download

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