Domestic Violence

Warning Signs

  1. Does your partner try to control your behavior? Monitor where you go or what you do? Does your partner check your cell-phone or call you incessantly to check up on you?

  2. Do you need permission before doing anything? Buying food? Writing a check? Choosing what you should wear? What to say?

  3. Is your partner overly critical of you? Does your partner say you are stupid, incompetent, or criticize your clothes or appearance? Do you feel you can’t do anything right?

  4. Does your partner punish and even beat you, telling you it is for your own good?

  5. Is your partner extremely jealous? Accusing you of things you did not do?

  6. Are you afraid, unsure of what will happen when you spend time with your partner? Are you walking on eggshells and filled with anxiety because you don’t know what to expect?

  7. Does your partner pressure you into having sex against your wishes?

  8. Do you feel you have to protect your children from your partner?

  9. Are you trying to be perfect to avoid a verbal/physical attack? Do you avoid seeing people or going to work because you don’t want anyone to know about your injuries?

  10. Are you trying to save a relationship/family but losing yourself in the process?

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of these questions, think seriously about your relationship. It is possible that you are in an abusive situation and help is available.

Resources for help

Public Safety