Office of the Medicaid Inspector General

The Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) was transferred to the Attorney General’s Office in June 2017. The duties of the OMIG are to establish a full-time program of audit, investigation and performance review to provide increased accountability, integrity and oversight of the Kansas Medicaid program (KanCare), the MediKan program, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and to assist in improving state agency and program operations and help deter and identify fraud, waste, abuse, and illegal acts related to those programs.1

The OMIG is not authorized to act as a private attorney or investigator and cannot directly assist in resolving individual complaints about the programs within the OMIG’s jurisdiction.

Citizens may report to the OMIG concerns about suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or illegal acts involving KanCare, MediKan, or SCHIP. All complaints received by the OMIG concerning those programs are reviewed by OMIG staff and may become part of an audit or investigation.

The identity of any person submitting a report concerning fraud, waste, abuse, or illegal acts involving the KanCare, MediKan, or SCHIP programs shall remain confidential unless that person consents in writing to the disclosure of their identity. All information received by the OMIG about suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or illegal acts shall not be made public unless:

  • Release of the information would not result in the identification of the person who provided the information;
  • the person or persons who provided the information to be disclosed consent in writing prior to its disclosure;
  • the disclosure is necessary to protect the public health; or
  • the information to be disclosed is required in an administrative proceeding or court proceeding and appropriate provision has been made to allow disclosure of the information without disclosing to the public the identity of the person or persons who reported such information to the Inspector General.2

1. K.S.A. 75-7427(b)(1)
2. K.S.A. 75-7427(k)(1)

Make a report

You may report fraud, waste, abuse, or illegal acts involving the KanCare, MediKan, or SCHIP programs:

Annual Reports

Audit Reports

Audit ReportsIssued OnTypeSize
This report contains findings from our performance audit of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's process for discontinuing Medicaid eligibility when a beneficiary enters a state prison.
November 13, 2019PDF4.02 MB
This report contains information concerning the current resources available to address cases of Medicaid eligibility fraud.
November 13, 2019PDF3.64 MB
This report contains findings from a review of messages received by the email address during the time period between June 1, 2017, and January 9, 2019.
July 31, 2019PDF2.68 MB

About the Inspector General

Sarah E. Fertig was confirmed by the Kansas Senate as Medicaid Inspector General in January 2019, following her nomination to the post by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt. Fertig previously served as an assistant attorney general in the Legal Opinions and Government Counsel Division at Schmidt’s office. Her previous professional experience includes serving as inspector general for the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority and working in the Global Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Division of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Fertig earned both her bachelor’s and law degrees from the University of Kansas and is a Certified Inspector General, which is one of the statutory requirements for the inspector general. 


Office of the Medicaid Inspector General
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