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  • Consumer Corner: Donate with honor, not to a scam charity

    Kansans' patriotism inspires many to donate to charitable organizations that support our military service members and veterans. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their service that can never be repaid, but supporting organizations that support our troops is a great way to give back. Unfortunately, many scam artists have been taking advantage of the goodwill offered by Kansans toward our troops by setting up fraudulent charities that purport to support the military and veterans, but in reality only line the scammers’ pockets.


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  • Consumer Corner: ‘Pay by gift card’ is red flag for scams

    Gift cards can be useful tools to allow a gift-receiver to choose his or her own gift. In recent years, these cards have become readily available, with racks of cards appearing in grocery stores, pharmacies and even gas stations. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen scammers try to take advantage of the convenience of buying a gift card to make it the currency of choice when ripping people off.

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  • How do I sign up for the Do-Not-Call List?

    Registering for the Do-Not-Call list is easy!

    Once you phone number is registered, it does not expire. Your number will remain on the list unless you call and request removal.

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  • Roofing Registration

    Since 2013, roofing contractors operating in Kansas have been required by state law to register with the attorney general’s office, with few exceptions.

    Kansans in need of roof repairs should check the Roofing Registration Directory before signing any contracts or having any work done.

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We're Here to Help!

Whether you have suspicious charges on your phone bill or think you've been the victim of identity theft, the consumer protection specialists in Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt's office are here to help.

This Division investigates scams, mediates and prosecutes violations of the Consumer Protection Act, the No-Call Act, the Roofing Registration Act, the Charitable Organization and Solicitations Act, the Kansas False Claims Act, the Funeral and Cemetery Merchandise Agreements Act, the Kansas Cemetery Corporation Act, and the Wayne Owen Act (identity theft). Protecting Kansas consumers from scams, telemarketing fraud and other deceptive practices is a priority for our office.

We are not able to provide private legal advice and not every dispute falls under our jurisdiction. Please contact a private attorney to assist with these matters. For assistance finding a private attorney, please contact the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service or Kansas Legal Services.

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