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Kobach issues statement on Foster v. Stanek order

Release Date: Aug 31, 2023
TOPEKA – (August 31, 2023) – Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach today issued the following statement in response to the Court's order in Foster v. Stanek:

"The Court’s opinion was well reasoned and thorough. The trans activists in this case attempted to nullify state law. The Court held that SB 180 means what it says – birth certificates in Kansas must reflect biological sex. As long as I am attorney general, the laws of Kansas will be enforced as written. The Legislature decided that birth certificates must reflect biological reality, and they were quite clear in how they wrote the law.  Today’s decision is a rejection of the activists’ and Governor Kelly’s attempt to twist the English language beyond recognition. The Court has told the Governor what the law clearly means. We now expect the Governor to follow the law and cease changing birth certificates to something other than biological sex at birth." 

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