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Iowa-based door-to-door meat sales company permanently banned from doing business in Kansas

Release Date: Jan 23, 2018

TOPEKA – (January 23, 2018) – An Iowa-based door-to-door meat sales company, along with its employees and agents, has been permanently banned from doing business in Kansas, Attorney General Derek Schmidt said today.

Christopher Maselka, an individual, and Iowa Steak Company, LLC, a/k/a Iowa Steak Company, a/k/a Iowa Steak was permanently banned from operating in the State of Kansas. The company is an Iowa limited liability corporation owned by Maselka whose sales representatives sell meat products door-to-door. District Court judge Larry D. Hendricks approved the consent judgment yesterday in Shawnee County District Court. Maselka was also ordered to pay the attorney general’s investigation costs and civil penalties.

Schmidt accused Maselka of making door-to-door sales of meat products while failing to notify consumers of their three-day right to cancel the transaction, cashing the consumers’ checks prior to midnight of the fifth business day and willfully misrepresenting material facts about the products and prices. The allegations included two violations of the Kansas Food Advertising and Sales Practices Act and five violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. Maselka was previously prohibited from engaging in such business practices in Kansas by a 1998 court order for committing similar violations. At that time, the defendant was operating with a co-defendant, Rodney Y. Creighton, and doing business under the name America’s Choice Steak.

Schmidt reminded consumers that under Kansas law, any door-to-door sale must include a three-day right to cancel, and the salesperson must inform the consumer of this right both verbally and in writing at the time of the sale. The salesperson must also wait at least five business days to cash the consumer’s check. Anyone selling meat in Kansas is also required to have a retail meat license from the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

More tips on staying safe from illegal door-to-door sales are available on the attorney general’s consumer protection website at A copy of the consent judgment is available at