Kansas Opioid Settlements

Kansas has reached multiple settlements with major pharmaceutical companies, distributors and related firms as part of the state’s ongoing efforts to bring accountability to those that fueled the opioid-addiction crisis and to provide funds to support addiction services. The settlements will result in Kansas receiving more than $340 million over the next 18 years to treat and fight opioid addiction.

The Kansas Fights Addiction Act was enacted in 2021 by the Kansas Legislature and authorized the creation of the Kansas Fights Addiction board. Sunflower Foundation, a statewide health philanthropy based in Topeka, serves as the administrator for the KFA grant program.

Money recovered by the attorney general pursuant to opioid litigation will be used to address substance abuse and help ensure addiction services are provided throughout the state. Funding will be available through the grant review board created by the statute. State agencies, local governments and not-for-profit entities operating within the state may apply for funding for addiction treatment and abatement through the board.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of the Attorney General at (785) 296-2215, or click here to contact us..

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