Consumer Judgments

Pursuant to K.S.A. 50-628(a)(5), the following is a public file of final judgments rendered under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act:

2006-2010 Consumer Judgments

Enforcement ActionIssued OnTypeSize
In re: The Old Mission Mausoleum and its Trust Fund
Journal Entry of Judgment
March 11, 2008PDF196.77 KB
Kansas v. Radical Persson, Inc. d/b/a EChurch Network and Ilab Technologies; Lars G. Persson; ILD Telecommunications, Inc.
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
March 11, 2008PDF563.56 KB
Kansas v. Mike W. Graham & Associates, LLC; Lawrence Memorial Park Cemetery LLC; Mike W. Graham; Charles Heinsohn
Douglas County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
March 06, 2008PDF511.24 KB
Kansas v. Mark R. Nichols d/b/a Nichols & Son's Remodeling
Cowley County
Journal Entry
January 14, 2008PDF136.93 KB
Kansas v. Larry D. Cox d/b/a High Plains Distributors
Reno County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
October 16, 2007PDF417.13 KB
Kansas v. Robert Barnes d/b/a Septic Systems Solutions
Cowley County
Journal Entry
September 11, 2007PDF148.06 KB
Kansas v. Guidant Corporation Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.; Guidant Sales Corporation
Shawnee County
Stipulated Journal Entry of Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction
August 31, 2007PDF805.19 KB
Kansas v. Air Synergy Labs d/b/a Vortex Valve
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
August 20, 2007PDF200.78 KB
Kansas v. Road Maintenance Paving & Sealing; Bill Boswell; William Boswell; Nathan Boswell; Tommy A. Wright; Lewis C. Fountain
Jefferson County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
July 26, 2007PDF215.56 KB
Kansas v. Shawnee Cemetery and the Unknown Officers, Trustees, Successors, Creditors and Assigns of the Above-Named
Johnson County
Order for Default Judgment
June 25, 2007PDF88.11 KB



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