Consumer Judgments

Pursuant to K.S.A. 50-628(a)(5), the following is a public file of final judgments rendered under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act:

1974-1980 Consumer Judgments

Enforcement ActionIssued OnTypeSize
Kansas v. Charles A. Mayernick
Ford County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
January 08, 1980PDF65.27 KB
Kansas v. Bill Teague
Elk County
Journal Entry of Judgment
June 22, 1977PDF59.70 KB
No. 24232
Kansas v. Gerry Beagles d/b/a Research Rabbit Breeders Association; Research Rabbitry Equipment; Research Rabbit Processing; Research Rabbitry and Worm Farm; International Rabbit Shipps, LTD.
October 04, 1976PDF105.02 KB
No. 25160
Kansas v. Paul la Rosa d/b/a Farm Land Structures
Atchison County
Journal Entry
May 14, 1976PDF322.47 KB



Judgments by Year