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What are Kansas telemarketing laws?

The Kansas No-Call Act allows you to register your residential telephone and personal cell phone numbers so that you will not receive unsolicited telemarketing sales calls. As a general rule, these telemarketing laws do not apply to calls of a charitable nature.

Kansas Telemarketing Laws

  • Prohibit calls to residential telephone and personal cell phone numbers on the Kansas No-Call List. 
    Two exemptions include:
    • A company may call you in response to your express request.
    • A company may call you if you have done business with the company within the preceding 18 months and have not requested that the company stop calling you.
  • Require telephone solicitors to promptly terminate a call if you give a negative response.
  • Prohibit telephone solicitors from obtaining payment through a professional delivery, courier or other pickup service unless you have the opportunity to inspect the goods being delivered to you prior to payment being collected.
  • Prohibit sending information by fax or computer to a consumer after the consumer requests orally or in writing that such communications cease.
  • Prohibit the withholding of the display of the telemarketer’s number from a caller identification service when that number is being used for telemarketing purposes and the telemarketer’s equipment is capable of allowing the display.

Federal Telemarketing Laws

  • Prohibit the sending of unsolicited faxes that contain commercial messages.
  • Prohibit the use of recorded solicitation to a consumer’s home unless the consumer requests the call, has an existing business relationship with the company, or the company is a non-profit corporation.
  • Prohibit requesting payment by wire transfer.

If you believe a telemarketer has violated any of the above laws, contact the Attorney General’s Office with the name, address and phone number of the telemarketing company, the name of the company whose product or service is being offered, the date and time of the call.

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