Grant Programs

Nearly $2 million in grant funds are distributed each year from four different state programs. Funds are used to assist local and state crime victim assistance organizations across Kansas in providing direct services to crime victims, as well as in developing prevention programs to address violence.

*New* Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund

The Office of Attorney General Derek Schmidt is accepting applications for the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2014 Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund (HTVAF) grant program. The following information defines eligibility and accountability criteria, and sets forth requirements for the application and administration of grants awarded from the Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund, as authorized by KSA 75-758.

Applications must be postmarked by November 22, 2013 for consideration.

The application period for the following grant programs is now closed.
Please revisit this website in 2014 for information on the FY 2015 grant programs. Congratulations to the FY 2014 grant recipients.

Crime Victims Assistance Fund - (CVAF)

This fund seeks to provide for ongoing operating expenses of programs assisting crime victims, and establishing and maintaining new programs providing services to the victims of crime.

Child Abuse and Neglect - (CVAF-CA)

This fund seeks to provide for ongoing operating expenses of programs assisting child victims.

    State Protection from Abuse Fund - (PFA)

    This fund seeks to provide temporary emergency shelter, counseling, and assistance to victims of domestic abuse and their dependent children; and to provide educational services directed at reducing the incidence of domestic abuse and diminishing its impact on the victims.

      Child Exchange and Visitation Center Program - (CEVC)

      This fund seeks to provide supervised child exchange and visitation to children and families at risk due to circumstances relating to domestic or family violence.

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