• Consumer Corner: No Call List doesn’t stop all calls

    “I’m on the Do Not Call list, so why do I keep getting these phone calls?” Unfortunately, this is one of the most common questions our office receives. While placing your number on the Do Not Call list is a great way to reduce the number of unsolicited telemarketing calls you receive at home, it’s not perfect and won’t stop the worst actors from calling you.
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  • AG Schmidt: 2014 consumer recoveries top $8.5 million

    The attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division returned more than $8.5 million to consumers and taxpayers last year, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced today.
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  • Consumer Corner: The power of a power of attorney

    For many Kansas seniors, a power of attorney is a useful tool in asking someone for help managing this important aspect of their lives. So, it’s valuable to understand the importance and significance of this powerful legal tool.
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  • AG Schmidt: Verizon and Sprint customers in Kansas eligible for refunds under national settlement

    Verizon and Sprint customers in Kansas who were charged for third-party services on their mobile phone bills without their consent are eligible to receive refunds as part of a multi-state settlement reached today, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said.

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  • Consumer Corner: As storm season approaches, watch out for unregistered roofers

    Springtime is upon us in Kansas, which also means the spring storms are heading our way. Living in Kansas, the possibility of severe weather means there is also the possibility of damage occurring to our homes.
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  • Consumer Alert: Be wary of fake invoice scams

    Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt today warned consumers to be on the lookout for fake invoices for services or products not ordered. They are likely being generated from disreputable companies perpetrating fraud.
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  • AG Schmidt: Satellite radio provider to pay for violating Kansas consumer protection laws

    The nation’s largest satellite radio provider has agreed to repay consumers after being accused of violating state consumer protection laws, Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced today.

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  • AG Schmidt: More than 300 Kansas consumers to receive relief from SunTrust settlement

    More than 300 Kansas consumers will be eligible for relief under the terms of a settlement reached with SunTrust, Attorney General Derek Schmidt said.
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This Division investigates scams, mediates and prosecutes violations of the Consumer Protection Act, the No-Call Act, the Roofing Registration Act, the Charitable Organization and Solicitations Act, the Kansas False Claims Act, the Funeral and Cemetery Merchandise Agreements Act and the Kansas Cemetery Corporation Act. Protecting Kansas consumers from scams, telemarketing fraud and other deceptive practices is a priority for our office.

We are not able to provide private legal advice and not every dispute falls under our jurisdiction. Please contact a private attorney to assist with these matters. For assistance finding a private attorney, please contact the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service or Kansas Legal Services.

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