Consumer Corner Column

  • Consumer Corner: Protect yourself from scams during the season of giving

    The time of year is once again upon us when Kansas families will gather together to give thanks for their blessings of the past year and celebrate the holiday season. This is also the time of year when people are feeling the most generous, and charitable organizations are making requests for assistance to help those in need.

    While there are many great causes to support, there are also scam artists out there who pose as legitimate charities looking to make a buck off of Kansans’ generosity.
  • Consumer Corner: Treat prepaid debit cards like cash

    Prepaid debit cards have become popular ways to pay bills over the phone or order things online without using a credit card. However, these cards have also become the target for scam artists looking for quick access to your money.
  • Consumer Corner: Beware of Medicare, Social Security scams

    Our office recently has seen an uptick in complaints about phone callers who claim to be from Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. Like many scams, these calls are nothing more than a ploy to try to get your personal information.
  • Consumer Corner: Debt collection scams on the rise

    Every day, dozens of Kansans call our office to report scams or potential fraudulent activities. In the past few months, we have received an increasing number of complaints regarding debt collection scams.
  • Consumer Corner: Check out your contractor before making home repairs

    Spring time storm damage can require quick clean-up and unscheduled home repairs. In addition, as the weather warms up, summer begs us to get started on home improvement projects that we neglected during the winter months.

    Every year at about this time, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division experiences an increase in complaints about home-improvement and home-repair scams.
  • Consumer Corner: Moving this summer? Check out your moving company before you take off

    Summer is a busy time for families to relocate. Often, this requires the assistance of a professional moving company. Most movers are legitimate and provide quality service, but a few unscrupulous operators seem to turn up at this time of the year trying to scam consumers. Whether you are a college student moving back home for the summer or a large family relocating across the country, you should expect and receive fair treatment from the company you hire to move your belongings.