Consumer Corner Column

  • Consumer Corner: Tech support scams aim to take over your computer, not to fix it

    In last month’s column, we mentioned a few telephone scams that involve a scammer impersonating someone to try to get into your wallet, usually by wiring them money. But, there’s another type of phone scam going on that also aims to steal your personal information and maybe even hijack your computer.
  • Consumer Corner: Telephone imposters look to get into your wallet

    When your telephone rings, you expect the person on the other end of the line to tell you who they are and why they are calling you. But scammers are coming up with more elaborate ways of fooling you into thinking they are someone else.
  • Consumer Corner: Protect senior citizens from financial abuse

    By Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

    As we get older, we all may need some help from others. We might need help getting around town or with household chores. Often, seniors also ask for help with their finances from a trusted friend or loved one.

    Unfortunately, those who are placed in that position of trust can sometimes take advantage of that role for their own financial benefit.
  • Consumer Corner: Add your cellphone to the No Call list

    The Do Not Call list is not perfect, but it helps reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive. Legitimate telemarketers will respect it – which means that the ones who continue to call your listed number are breaking the law, and you should have no hesitation in just hanging up on them.
  • Consumer Corner: “One ring” scam hits phone bills with unwanted charges

    That missed-call alert on your cell phone may be from a scammer trying to ding your wallet.
  • Consumer Corner: Top scams of 2013

    The first week of March marks National Consumer Protection Week. While our office makes educating and protecting Kansas consumers a priority year-round, we take this week as an opportunity to draw Kansans’ attention to ways they can protect themselves from scams and how our office can help if they’ve become a victim. To help you watch out for some of these scams, we’re sharing our top five most-common complaints from 2013.