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Please note: Many factors, including subsequent legislation and court decisions, can affect the validity of past opinions. In most cases, determining the accuracy of past opinions requires a complete re-examination of the questions addressed in the opinion. It is impossible to maintain a constant review of the validity of past opinions. Our opinions are written to explain the legal issues and the law at the time the opinion is written.

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The Kansas Offender Registration Act requires the registering law enforcement agency to register and verify registration of civilly committed sexually violent predators receiving care and treatment a...
January 21, 2016PDF132.43 KB
When a board of county commissioners appoints an acting county attorney pursuant to K.S.A. 19-723, the county compensates such attorney from its general funds. When a court appoints an acting county...
February 16, 2016PDF83.73 KB
Whether the Kansas Open Meetings Act applies to a specific body is a fact specific determination. If the Workers Compensation and Employment Security Boards Nominating Committee is a public agency su...
March 01, 2016PDF165.08 KB
The Tax Increment Finance Act does not require or authorize the “base year assessed valuation” as defined in K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 12-1770a(b) to be revised when a taxpayer obtains a reduction in the ass...
March 02, 2016PDF110.65 KB
A public school district employee without a Kansas concealed carry license violates the Gun-Free School Zones Act by carrying a concealed handgun inside a school zone unless a federal statutory excep...
March 25, 2016PDF113.36 KB
A racetrack gaming facility in Sedgwick County, after the referendum vote against the placement of electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in the county, is a “similar gaming facility” as used in Paragraph...
April 22, 2016PDF270.86 KB
A private or public agency or organization that provides only attendant care services may provide such services without being licensed as a home health agency under K.S.A. 65-5101, et seq. The conclu...
April 28, 2016PDF97.82 KB
The Kansas Health Information Technology Act does not abrogate a health treatment facility’s duty to protect provider-patient privileged treatment information. Cited herein: K.S.A. 19-4001; 65-5602...
May 04, 2016PDF103.00 KB
A state-owned or leased medical care facility must either allow concealed carry inside the facility or install adequate security measures and post signage to prohibit concealed carry, unless the faci...
May 24, 2016PDF128.91 KB
A county may not apply zoning regulations to a beef cattle feedyard or dairy, or to any structure on that property used for such purposes, such as a feed mill, scale house, office, or machine shop. A...
June 09, 2016PDF137.51 KB

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