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Please note: Many factors, including subsequent legislation and court decisions, can affect the validity of past opinions. In most cases, determining the accuracy of past opinions requires a complete re-examination of the questions addressed in the opinion. It is impossible to maintain a constant review of the validity of past opinions. Our opinions are written to explain the legal issues and the law at the time the opinion is written.

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The definition of “state or municipal building” in the Personal and Family Protection Act (PFPA) excludes county-owned buildings leased in their entirety by private entities. A private non-profit ent...
June 26, 2015PDF73.49 KB
A member of a community college’s board of trustees shall not be an employee of the community college; there is no provision allowing a member of the board of trustees to defer his or her term while ...
June 26, 2015PDF27.64 KB
The board of county commissioners has the authority to establish a county hospital and an additional hospital or clinic under the Hospital and Related Facilities Act. Such hospital or clinic must be ...
July 25, 2015PDF55.52 KB
The defense of compliance with the National Firearms Act (NFA) is available to a person in possession of a firearm sound suppressor that is manufactured in Kansas and remains within Kansas state bord...
July 27, 2015PDF69.42 KB
K.S.A. 12-1225(h) authorizes a municipal library organized under K.S.A. 12-1218 et seq. to invest an unrestricted gift or donation in the manner the board believes will best serve the interests of th...
September 17, 2015PDF34.35 KB
State law preempts local building and electric codes for school buildings as a matter of statewide concern. A city may not condition the grant of a building permit for a school building on compliance...
September 22, 2015PDF29.35 KB
The Personal and Family Protection Act (PFPA) does not authorize a city to adopt a “prescreen” process whereby certain members of the public may apply to be approved to bypass security measures at th...
October 19, 2015PDF76.01 KB
Before vacating a road on its own motion, a board of county commissioners must follow the statutory notice requirements contained in K.S.A. 68-102a. The viewing and report requirements contained in K...
October 26, 2015PDF31.95 KB
A person selected by the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to serve as a Deputy Secretary in the Division of Environment does not hold a "public office by appointment," and...
November 18, 2015PDF94.76 KB

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