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Please note: Many factors, including subsequent legislation and court decisions, can affect the validity of past opinions. In most cases, determining the accuracy of past opinions requires a complete re-examination of the questions addressed in the opinion. It is impossible to maintain a constant review of the validity of past opinions. Our opinions are written to explain the legal issues and the law at the time the opinion is written.

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The Organized Service Collection Act is triggered by a municipality’s decision to establish an organized collection service as defined by K.S.A. 2011 Supp. 12-2035(b), and does not apply to the renew...
September 28, 2012PDF41.60 KB
Increases in the lobbyist registration fee, the information and services fee, and the technology communication fee may be only in such amounts as are necessary to defray the expense of regulating lob...
September 28, 2012PDF37.04 KB
The adoption of the 2006 edition of the International Building Code in K.A.R. 22-1-3(a) does not conflict with K.S.A. 31-134a. Cited herein: K.S.A. 31-133, 31-134; 31-134a; K.A.R. 22-1-3.
October 09, 2012PDF70.40 KB
K.S.A. 2011 Supp. 60-2005 exempts the state and municipalities from paying docket fees and depositing court costs in “civil actions.” An application for tax exemption status filed with the Court of T...
October 09, 2012PDF90.86 KB
A student engaged in a field education program to fulfill a requirement for a master's degree in social work can participate in the delivery of social work services if supervised by a social worker l...
October 09, 2012PDF36.08 KB
Failure to complete the address portion of the affidavit printed on the advance voting ballot envelope is a technical error that, by itself, does not invalidate the ballot contained therein. Absent a...
October 16, 2012PDF119.67 KB
Retroactive tax legislation proposed during the 2013 legislative session and affecting tax year 2013 is constitutional if the legislation is justified by a rational legislative purpose. The non-wage ...
November 02, 2012PDF139.78 KB
A county is not required to bid in the county’s interest on real property at a tax foreclosure sale held pursuant to a court order. The delinquent taxpayer continues to own property for which a forec...
November 13, 2012PDF43.93 KB
The evaluation and clearance required by the School Sports Head Injury Prevention Act for a school athlete who is suspected of having suffered a concussion or head injury must be performed by a healt...
November 13, 2012PDF36.04 KB
The governing body of an extension district is bound by a property tax limit contained in the agreement establishing the district. Cited herein: K.S.A. 2-623; 2-625; K.S.A. 2011 Supp. 79-5040.
November 13, 2012PDF33.43 KB

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