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Please note: Many factors, including subsequent legislation and court decisions, can affect the validity of past opinions. In most cases, determining the accuracy of past opinions requires a complete re-examination of the questions addressed in the opinion. It is impossible to maintain a constant review of the validity of past opinions. Our opinions are written to explain the legal issues and the law at the time the opinion is written.

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The common law doctrine of incompatibility of offices does not preclude a person from concurrently serving as a victim-witness coordinator employed by a County Attorney’s Office and as a member of th...
June 16, 2017PDF106.01 KB
A board of county commissioners does not have legal authority to supersede another elected county official’s power to appoint, promote, demote, or dismiss his or her personnel. Cited herein: K.S.A....
February 21, 2017PDF114.73 KB
The petitioning process afforded in K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 12-187(b)(1) is not an option under K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 12-187(b)(5). Whether a question authorizing a countywide retailers’ sales tax, the procee...
February 09, 2017PDF92.08 KB
A city may own shares in a limited liability company. Whether acquiring shares in a limited liability company violates the public purpose doctrine is a question of fact. The Interlocal Cooperation ...
February 03, 2017PDF111.56 KB
A county responsible for costs relating to the custody of a person awaiting determination of a civil commitment proceeding pursuant to the Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act may seek reimbursement ...
February 02, 2017PDF91.53 KB
A building or structure constructed so that it abuts an existing building or that incorporates structural components of a previously existing building or structure may be deemed as “separate” and “ne...
January 18, 2017PDF119.68 KB
A member of the State Banking Board who was appointed to fill a vacancy in an unexpired term and who was subsequently reappointed to serve another term, has served two terms, and therefore, is inelig...
January 06, 2017PDF102.84 KB
A township lacks authority to enact local laws or undertake any action not specifically authorized by statute or the state constitution. Lacking such authority, a township may not adopt a uniform cod...
January 03, 2017PDF113.80 KB
Pursuant to K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 65-448, the victim or any law enforcement officer with the written consent of the reported victim may request a sexual assault examination and collection of a sexual ass...
December 05, 2016PDF149.50 KB
As determined in Attorney General Opinion No. 82-8, a person who serves as a police officer holds a city office. Therefore, a person who serves as a city police officer is prohibited by K.S.A. 19-20...
December 02, 2016PDF125.23 KB

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