Kansas Roofing Registration Act

Enforcement Actions

The Attorney General’s Office investigates and enforces the provisions of the Kansas Roofing Registration Act (KRRA). This is an index of enforcement actions taken by the Office of the Attorney General to enforce this act. Please refer to the Roofing Registration Directory to check the current compliance status of particular roofing contractors.

Enforcement ActionIssued OnTypeSize
Kansas v. Arturo Acosta D/B/A Arturo's Construction
Meade County
Consent Judgment
December 28, 2016PDF1.43 MB
Kansas v. Griffin Roofing LLC
Doniphan County
Consent Judgment
December 21, 2016PDF1.24 MB
Kansas v. Rooftop Construction, LLC
Shawnee County
Consent Judgment
December 20, 2016PDF147.54 KB
Kansas v. Williams & Sons Construction, LLC
Washington County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
August 15, 2016PDF824.18 KB
Kansas v. Gregory E. Wright d/b/a Extreme Home Solutions
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Default Judgment
April 13, 2016PDF170.91 KB
Kansas v. ProQor Roofing and Construction, LLC
Johnson County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
April 12, 2016PDF341.55 KB