Consumer Judgments

Pursuant to K.S.A. 50-628(a)(5), the following is a public file of final judgments rendered under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act:

2001-2005 Consumer Judgments

Enforcement ActionIssued OnTypeSize
Kansas v. Shariar Rahimi
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Judgment
June 03, 2002PDF155.99 KB
Kansas v. Telco Partners, Inc.
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
May 30, 2002PDF410.22 KB
Kansas v. David Scott d/b/a Slanted Fedora Entertainment
Johnson County
Order for Default Judgment
April 29, 2002PDF66.24 KB
Kansas v. Cashable Rebates, Inc. f/k/a Cashback USA, Inc.; EuroFinance, S.A.
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
March 20, 2002PDF486.86 KB
Kansas v. Richard Kaylor; Triad Discount Buying Service, Inc.; Member Service of America, LLC
Shawnee County
Journal Entry of Consent Judgment
February 12, 2002PDF914.79 KB
Kansas v. Ira Smolev; Triad Discount Buying Services, Inc.; Member Service of America, LLC; Inter*Act Travel, Inc.; Inter*Act Communications, Inc.; eRevenue Partners, LLC; Far Services, LLC; Linden I...
December 21, 2001PDF1.95 MB
Kansas v. Michael P. Mason d/b/a Budget Paving
Shawnee County
Order for Default Judgment
November 20, 2001PDF93.04 KB
Kansas v. Willie D. Young; Henry Darin Pierce; Jackie Scott Young; Dennis D. Perkins; Larry W. Perkins; d/b/a Perfection Paving d/b/a Trail Paving d/b/a WDY Paving
Shawnee County
Order fo...
November 20, 2001PDF98.36 KB
1999-C-737 [Consent Judgment Against Home Prescription Services]
Kansas v. DVM Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Cybrxpress; John S. Stiverson a/k/a Scott Stiverson d/b/a Stivercorp d/b/a Online Physicians; Daniel Thompson, MD; Home Prescription Services, Inc.
November 20, 2001PDF178.37 KB
1999-C-751 [Consent Judgment Against Roy Alivio and Bo Platt]
Kansas v. Roy C. Alivio; Bo Platt; Male Clinic, LLC d/b/a Male Clinic; David Hairhoger; d/b/a Community Drug of Pittsburgh; Miles Jones, MD; Rick Williams, MD
Shawnee County
Journal Entry...
November 13, 2001PDF173.12 KB



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